Producing in the Home Studio with Pro Tools Third Edition

This book's accompanying DVD-ROM includes 24 instructional videos on Pro Tools setups and techniques, in addition to 50 Pro Tools sessions that demonstrate techniques described in the book. Practice the production process using four “Project” songs in different genres (rock, hip-hop, electronica, and jazz).

Click here to see several example videos from the DVD.

The included DVD-ROM features:

• 24 instuctional videos demonstrating Pro Tools techniques

• 50 Pro Tools sessions that demonstrate techniques shown in each chapter

• 4 "Project" songs

• Pro Tools session templates

• PDF templates of useful forms: schedules, budgets, take and track sheets

• Appendices

Appendix A. Range Charts - for most common musical instruments

Appendix B. Digidesign and M-Audio Technical Support

Appendix C. Featured Equipment Manufacturers

Appendix D. Recommended Reading